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Kids and Children
Beginners Sewing


This kids beginners sewing class is perfect for 8 to 13 year olds. It provides a gentle introduction to sewing, allowing children to gain the skills and confidence to create their own designs.


An ideal way to get kids interested in the art of sewing.  At the end of the course, they will take home a completed project that they can be proud of. 

Schedule of the Class: 

Class is on Monday Only: No other days are available

Morning Classes:  TBD

Evening Classes: 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM 

What you will learn:

  • How to properly read your tape measurement

  • How to measure and cut out fabric for the projects

  • How to sew fabric pieces together,

  • How to do an alteration of your project for proper fit

  • How to baste, hem, sew up seams, and more

Project Choices:

  • Double-sided Tote bag with pockets

  • Fabric Wallet

  • Pillow cushion

  • infinity scarf

  • Headband

  • ​​​​​Face mask

  • Twist headband

  • Sunglasses case

  • Bedroom pillowcase cover

  • Hair scrunchie

  • Professional Zipper Tote Bag with Pockets

  • Gather evening Tote bag

  • Zipper Pouch

  • Boxy Zipper Pouch

  • hair bonnet,

  • Buckets Hat

  • Fabric basket,

  • Fabric slippers,

  • Hat,

  • lunch bags, 

  • Kitchen Apron

  • A skirt with an elastic waistband

  • More projects will be added to the list once the class starts


4 Classes per month - 1.5  hrs session:

(8-13 years old)


$115 PER MONTH or $340.00  for THREE MONTHS

Know your sewing machines and equipments:

  • Know some sewing machine accessories

  • Needles & Pins

  • Needles fabric thread chat

  • What needle to use with what fabric)

  • Hand needle

  • Sewing machine Needles ( Changing the needles)

  • Practice changing the shank, 

  • Standard accessories 

  • Winding the bobbin 

  • Inserting the Bobbin 

  • Threading the upper Needle 

  • Rising the bobbin Thread 

  • Thread Tension 

  • Reverse stitch/_Back Stitch 

  • Change Sewing Machine Feet

  • Troubleshooting Guide and Tips

Work on Mastering your seams:

  • Straight Stitch

  • Pivot Stitch

  • Circle

  • Stitch in the ditch

  • French seams

  • Flatfelt seams

  • Topstitch 

  • Under stitch

  • Turn and stitch seams

  • Botton Hole stitch

  • Darts

  • And much more

What students need to bring to class:

There’s no need to bring anything to your first class. 

A supplies list will be given on what you can buy or bring to your next set of classes



You can make payment by email transfer as well at: gellis@infinitemodestydesigns.com

Sewing Machine
Hillory Testimony
Hillory Grant

I am delighted to be part of the Infinite Modesty Designs Family, where I am learning the art of sewing and realizing one of my dreams

Carla Angela Testimony
Carla Angela Stephonson

This is an excellent class. Gellis is an excellent teacher who very knowledgeable and patience. I was able to make a gathered skirt, pleated skirt, a bag and decorative pillows.

Rosemarie Testimony
Rosemarie Yvette Thompson

Thanks to Gellis at Infinite Modesty Design in-studio class. I was both happy and excited to have experienced Gellis 1-1 sewing instructions while completing a few garments for myself.


Enroll Your Kids Today

Enthuse your kids with the joy of sewing! With this kids beginners sewing class, they can explore the rewards and satisfaction of crafting their own creations.


Sign them up today and open their eyes to the potential of handmade!

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