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Sewing an In-Seam Pockets:

Lets talk about pockets, In this post we will talk about In-Seam Pockets. These pockets is sewn on the side of the garment. It can be sew on the inside of skirt, pants dress to name a few, and It is hidden. You will need 4 pocket pieces to get started, two piece for the front of the garment and 2 piece for the back of the garment.


1. Have your cut out pockets in hand and place it on the edge of the right side of your garment. ( place right side of the pockets to the right side to the garment)

2. Measure the pocket about 2.5 or 3 inch down ( matter of choice) from the top edge of your garment and pin the both edge together. Both the right side of the pocket and the right side of the garment must be touching

3. Now pin the pocket to the garment just as seen the picture below

4. Go to your sewing machine and sew a half inch (1/2 inch) seam. Sew both the garments and the pocket together at the side. Sew from the top of the pocket to the bottom of the pocket

5. When finish, go to your ironing area and iron the pockets out so the outside seam will be neatly press

6. This is how your pocket piece should look above once iron.

7. Then repeat this steps for the 3 pockets pieces to the sides of the garment.

8. Now you can continue with your sewing to complete your style.

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