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Beginners Guide to Sewing -Top 7 sewing tips for beginners

Updated: May 13

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Sewing is a unique hobby. You can become your own fashion designer with this skill. The possibilities of sewing are endless, ranging from basic self-sufficiency to elaborate dressmaking. You can also make a few bucks with some sewing hacks and experiment with your own style.

Having a passion for sewing can be a wonderful and fulfilling hobby. You can have the most fun making your own clothes if you follow these tried and true sewing tips for beginner:

1. Stock up on supplies

Getting your sewing supplies together is the first step toward success. You will need scissors, a seam ripper, and thread for this project. For taking notes, you should also have a measuring tape with your pencil or chalk. The use of pins and snips, as well as a high-quality sewing machine, can also be quite useful. If you are a beginner, we recommend purchasing a sewing machine that is suitable for beginners, such as a Singer heavy-duty sewing machine.

2. Pick the right fabric

Fabric is another important consideration when it comes to sewing and dresses. Cotton fabrics are quite easy to work with because they have structure and can be pinned into shapes well. The best way to go about fabric is to have a collection of less expensive fabrics that you can practice with. The best fabrics for practicing are light to medium weighted and have enough structure for you to put under a sewing machine.

3. Collect sewing patterns

It is a good idea to start by understanding basic sewing patterns. It is possible to understand and apply simple dressmaking patterns using easy-to-understand instructions. The best fabrics for your designs can be selected once you understand sewing patterns. We have beginner-level sewing patterns in our library that you can print out and get started on right away.

4. Make sure the lighting is good

A good lighting system is also recommended. It will be much easier to sew if you have better lighting to see threads, lines, and patterns. It is also important to have good lighting because certain sewing projects can take long hours, and you will seriously damage your eyesight if you are working in poor lighting.

5. Make yourself comfortable

The act of sewing can be viewed as a form of meditation for many people. While you are sewing, soft jazz can be played in the background to help you focus. The second way you can make yourself comfortable is by investing in a backrest. It is possible to experience headaches or migraines as a result of sewing for long hours combined with bad posture. In order to avoid damaging your posture by taking on a new hobby, make sure your desk and sewing machine are positioned properly.

6. Other tools

It is easier for you to sew when you are prepared. In addition to helping you stitch certain patterns, pins can also help you with tricky fabrics. You will use needles a lot, so making sure you have a selection is also important. Additionally, you will need an inch of tape, a ruler, or any other measuring tool you may need. It will also be helpful if you have a marking tool, such as chalk or a marker.

7. Get a sewing buddy

Nothing beats starting a new hobby with a friend. Taking part in this amazing hobby with friends is a great idea. Taking a sewing class can also be a great way to boost your motivation if you can make the time since you'll be around people who share your interests and keep you accountable.

7 sewing tips for begginers


By sewing, you instantly become part of an amazing community, whether it's online through a newsletter subscription (ADD NEWSLETTER LINK) or in person by sharing your projects with your friends. With friends, this is a great pastime, and you can also meet people who share your interests.

As part of a social group, you can contribute to events like the theater, helping with costumes and set design. Alternatively, you can make clothes and have your friends model your outfits for a fashion show.

Those of us who are new to sewing are especially thrilled to see how our friends are making dresses. If you are interested in having your project featured and giving your feedback, please let us know. If you have any pictures, queries, or accomplishments, please share them with us. Please let us know what you think.


If you are looking for In-person or Online Sewing Classes, Group sewing Events, or Private sewing sessions please contact at 416-742-9931 or 647-915-9803 or gellis@infintemodestydesigns.com

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