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The Top 5 Best Sewing Tips for Beginners

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Did you just pick up your first sewing machine? Or maybe you rediscovered the old one in the back of your closet? If you’re ready to get started learning to sew, these 5 sewing tips for beginners will help you avoid frustration and start strong on your sewing journey.

  • Start simple

You may have a picture of a beautiful, complicated gown in your head that you just can’t wait to bring to life with your sewing machine – but starting simple will help you build your skills in an achievable way.

For your first few projects, choose a pattern that has simple, straight lines and can be completed in 4 hours or less.

  • Choose beginner-friendly fabrics

As a beginner sewer, starting with a specialty fabric like leather, lace, faux fur, or tricky knits can be too much to handle. These fabrics often require specific tools and skills that you haven’t learned yet.

Try starting with a structured, mid-weight woven or knit fabric that will be easy to work with.

  • Make sure you have the right supplies

The right supplies can make or break your sewing experience and determine the quality of results you’re able to produce.

Make sure you have the right needle, thread, and presser foot for your fabric.

  • Don’t forget to press

Many beginner sewers think that skipping pressing is no big deal. But it’s an important step that will help you achieve a more professional look from your sewing by avoiding bubbly, bulky seams.

  • Keep learning

Finally, don’t forget to keep learning as you build your sewing experience. Find a ton of helpful tutorials on both Google and YouTube to learn new skills. If you want more hands-on help to learn faster, we offer online sewing classes to up your sewing game!

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