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Sewing classes: How to take body measurement.

In this post, we will focus our attention to taking body measurement when using a sewing pattern. To select a sewing pattern, you need to know your body measurements to make sense of the size charts at the back of the pattern envelope. Its very important to take a bit of time for you or someone else to take your body measurement properly.

First, it would not hurt to find a friend or a family member to help you to take your measurement successfully.

1. Stand with feet and legs together, your back straight and look straight ahead.

2. Your shoulders should be wonderfully relaxed with your arms at the side.

3. Your tape measure should be taut, not loose nor tight around the body as you take the measurement.

4. When measuring around the bust, waist, and hips ensure you have 2 fingers within the tape measurement, don’t pull the tape tight around these areas.

5. It’s always a good habit to write your measurement down with a pencil and retake your measurement every 6 month

Look out for more tips on taking body measurement and don’t forget to book your next sewing classes with us at Infinite Modesty Designs.

Contact: Gellis at 416-742-9931 or gellis@infinitemodestydesigns.com to book your next sewing class.

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