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Our 2018 Community Sewing Event, Held at 180 Chalkfarm Community Center

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Hence, Infinite Modesty Designs. My name is Gellis Jerome-Milandou. I am the Founder of Infinite Modesty Designs. At Infinite Modesty Designs, we teach sewing classes. My Sewing studio is located at 14 Bentworth Ave in Toronto. We teach beginners to advanced sewing classes. I am a woman of empowerment, I love impacting knowledge of people. So, I thought since teaching people to sew has lost its strength in our community. I thought it would be wonderful to bring it back. I love working with the community, whether its a free program or a paid program, I am hosting, it brings me great joy.

When a Grant opportunity came about from the city of Toronto, I did not hesitate to apply. I had an idea to bring a free sewing program within the community and that was it all started. I did not have volunteer line up but I said to myself I will ask students who took my paid sewing classes if they would like to volunteer. The response was outstanding.

The day started extremely well on the day of the Event. Most of my volunteers came very early to help set up materials and other needed items to get the event going. People started coming to the event by 9:50 am as we were scheduled to start by 10 am in the morning. On arrival two of my volunteer was at the door to welcome and usher our community members in. We had a list at our registration desk. If one name is on the list, he will be giving a number. Likewise, if a person name is not on the list there will have to add their contact information on the list and take a number. Before seated, one would take a piece of material of choice and proceed to a seat at the back of the room.

Once seated our community members got the opportunity to sew a button on a piece of material and make a buttonhole stitch on the sewing machine. Once completed one of my volunteers took our community members one by to teach on how to make an infinite or a Headscarf on the sewing machine. We had 6 machines per tables and 6 volunteers per machine. The overall day was lots of sewing fun.

There were lots of smile on both the volunteers and our community members faces. Lots to eat and drink. We completed all activities by 3:30 pm then proceeded to clean up. The event was scheduled to run from 10 am to 4:30 pm. We had a fantastic event. We are looking forward to hosting many more event in the upcoming months ahead. Please sign up to receive information on our next event. Sign Gellis. God Bless.

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