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How to sew a ButtonHole Stitch

In this Post, Gellis at Infinite Modesty designs shares her knowledge on how to sew a Buttonhole stitch on the Singer Heavy Duty 4452 sewing machin

Before you start your journey to sew a buttonhole stitch on your garment, it is always good to practice on a scrap piece of fabric first especially if you are a new to sewing. You also have to be aware of the type of sewing machine you are using to make the button hole. Some machines use different feet to make the button hole.

The video in this post use Singer Heavyduty 4452 sewing machine:

Item Need to sew a buttonhole

A Sewing machine

A Buttonhole foot

A Button

Practice fabric

Marking tools, pen, chalk


Seam ripper

Straight pins

Hand sewing needles

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Sewing essential use in our sewing Studio:

Singer Heavyduty 4452 sewing machine:

Singer Heavyduty 4423 Sewing Machine:

Seam Ripper:

Seam Ripper:

Tape Measurement:

Yard Stick:


Ruler Design Set for sewing: Sewing


Rotary Cutter:

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