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Free cheat sheet: Sewing and Fashion lovers: How to make your homemade garment look Runway Style

Welcome and thanks for stopping in today. My Name is Gellis Jerome-Milandou, I am a professional Fashion Designer/Sewing Instructor. My sewing studio Infinite Modesty Designs teaches Beginners to Advance sewing classes with a sewing pattern and cut and sew, make your own sewing pattern. At our Toronto sewing studio, you will learn a life skill that everyone (even men) should know. In this post, you will get a Free PDF cheat sheet on how to make your home-made garment look runway style.

Have you ever wondered why you put in so much work in sewing your garment and it just did not come the way you intended? It just does not fit right, it does not hang well on the body or something is missing but you just can not figure out what. Then help is here. We will emphasize some key points you might be missing before or after sewing your wonderful garment.

In this sheet, we focus on sewing with a pattern. This sheet can be used for seamstress or sewers who do not sew with a pattern as well. Just enter your email address and we will get instant access to your cheat sheet.

I have been in the sewing and fashion industry for some time, and I thought it would be wonderful to give back to my online community by bringing free sewing content. This sewing content will help beginners, intermediate and advance sewing and seamstress lovers take his or her style to a whole new level. New content coming soon. kindly check out our website if you want to book and online sewing class with us. www.infinitemodestydesigns.com Contact: 416-742-9931 Email: gellis@infinitemodestydesigns.com

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