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Clean Finishing Serger That Will Increase the Quality of Your Sewing

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Home sewists considering expanding their skills into serging often have many questions about Serger Sewing machines. Buying a serger can up your sewing game to a whole new level. It allows you to put a professional finish to your home-sewn garments, it helps you to Increase the quality of your sewing, expand your creativity and sewing skills.

Something I like about my Serger:

1: Sergers gives me the ability to trim seam allowances as I sew. All models include a set of cutting blades that jump into operation as soon as I put pressure on the pedal to trim the raw edge of your garment to gives my garments a clean finish.

2. No one usually notices the inside of my homemade garments, however having the ability to put a clean, professional finish on seams, hems, or sleeves is always a plus to my finish or un-finish Garments.

3. If you sew as I do then you know the frustration of having a seam separate due to fabric fraying or broken stitches. A serger produces very strong, durable stitches using multiple threads that help prevent fraying of the edge this also helps your garment to last a very long time..

These are some of the serger/Sewing Machine i use or recommends

singer sewing machine


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