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Next Dress-Making Sewing Workshop/Events

Crafting Creativity, Connecting Generations, and Weaving Stories Through Thread. Join Us for an Unforgettable Sewing Journey or Let Us Host Your Next Sewing Event.

Welcome to Infinite Modesty Designs

Hello, I'm Gellis Milandou, the proud Founder of Infinite Modesty Designs, and I'm on a mission to spread the art of sewing in our community. Our sewing studio is your creative sanctuary, nestled at 85 Charolais Boulevard, Brampton ON.

Why We Sew

We believe in empowerment through knowledge, and what better way to achieve it than by teaching the timeless skill of sewing? Sewing isn't just about threads and fabrics; it's a way to unleash your creativity and connect with your community.


Our Journey

It all began when a fantastic grant opportunity from the city of Toronto presented itself. I envisioned a free sewing program that could truly impact our community, and it all started to take shape. With the help of our dedicated students, who volunteered their time and skills, we created a day of sewing magic.



Sewing Day Highlights

Our community members gathered in a vibrant setting, each discovering the joy of sewing. They started by mastering the basics – sewing a button and creating a perfect buttonhole stitch on the sewing machine. Then, our volunteers guided them in crafting beautiful infinite scarves and headscarves. The room was abuzz with creativity, and smiles radiated in every direction.





Community Unity

Our event wasn't just about sewing; it was a day of togetherness, delicious food, and great company. With a surplus of sewing machines, tables, and enthusiastic volunteers, the day was a resounding success.

What Lies Ahead!

Our journey continues, and we're not slowing down! We've got a treasure trove of exciting events in the works, and we're eager to reveal them to you.


Plus, if you're thinking about hosting your next sewing program, we'd love to be a part of it. Sign up now to stay updated on our upcoming events, classes, and community projects, and let's explore the possibilities together!

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