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7 Fashion Documentaries to Inspire Your Next Project

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Fashionably Empowering Women

Struggling to find a thought for your subsequent project? Taking a much-needed smash from your daily humdrum routine?

Hey, we all have these days…

Taking a quick day out down the memory lane of ancient fashion designers receives our adrenaline pumping every time. So, proper right here is a curated record of 7 style documentaries Fashion Documentaries to Inspire you, that are now not fully the fantastical getaway for day-to-day life but moreover a promised land for absolutely everyone curious about the behind-the-scenes of fashion shows, the documents at the return of the most essential figures and moments in fashion history, or, genuinely to admire the attractiveness of style itself.

We have loads of preferences tailored to your taste, from the inner workings of the MET and Anna Wintour to the top-notch alternatively tragic existence of McQueen. Are you part? Grab some popcorn and trip the ride!

Alex jame showing fashion

1.Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion

This documentary reviews the trend enterprise and its outcomes on the surroundings and its workers. Presented through Blur Bassist, Alex James, it explores the largest questions involving quick fashion. From exploring the place the substances come from, how they are made, and the place they give up

, Slowing Down Fast Fashion is a wonderful exposé of the provide chains.

As properly as highlighting the devastating human fee of the industry, James raises quintessential questions about the environment having an effect on the garments we purchase. The documentary follows the entire existence cycle of fabric and leaves a lasting picture of the disastrous results of plastic-based materials.

Through insightful interviews with designers like Vivienne Westwood and trend journalists like Dylan Jones (editor at GQ), the documentary emphasizes the significance of finding a sustainable future for fashion. Raising questions about the affordability of sustainable trends and the practicable future of the industry, this documentary presents workable options for the troubles going through the industry today.

A man with a Fashion Mannequin

2. The First Monday in May

Following the success of the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty show, Andrew Bolton, Costume Institute curator, considered a long way previous the Western world for the subsequent inspiration. This documentary suggests the behind-the-scenes of one of the most attended style exhibitions in The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s history: China: Through The Looking Glass.

Starting eight months beforehand than the opening, we find out Andrew Bolton and Anna Wintour consistently juggling several needs from cultural sensitivity concerns, and Rihanna's giant budget, to logistical issues. A solid of famed artists in a range of fields moreover featured alongside the way, with director Wong Kar Wai as the exhibition’s, innovative director, style designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, and Jean-Paul Gaultier, and an exhaustive record of celebrities that attended the MET.

The First Monday in May is a fast-paced, high-quality documentary that will intrigue no longer completely fashion lovers, but everybody with an interest in arts, Chinese culture, or celebrities. It manages to address many questions about the exhibition’s China theme, the Western view of Orientalism, and if traits want to be considered in an artwork form.


3. McQueen

“I discover attractiveness in the grotesque, like most artists” - Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was once as soon as a modern genius and a terrific artist whom fairly tons influenced the 90s fashion landscape. The documentary tells the story of his existence and career, from rags-to-riches, the highs, and the lows up until his untimely death.

The documentary does now no longer certainly faucet into the glory of his vogue suggests, however, is a well-rounded portrait of McQueen’s revolutionary device and rebellious ardor for fashion. It is divided into 5 parts, referred to as “tape”, that sync with wonderful chapters of his life. Opposite to his day-by-day appearance, a Scottish style pupil with his plaid shirts, McQueen’s designs “fearlessly challenged the conventions of fashion.” The hardworking fashion designer caught the pastime of the entire world in his 20s and rose to fame. He later labored for Givenchy even as established his brand, Alexander McQueen. Gifted and then again tortured, he took his existence in 2010, leaving in the return of unbearable grief from friends, colleagues, and the vogue world.

McQueen is tragic and beautiful. You don’t have to be a style geek to admire McQueen’s at all. His works are paintings themselves, and McQueen is the closing artist.

preparing model with a red dress Dior

4. Dior and I

Haute Couture–the glamorous and wildest dream of fashion. Dior and I bring to the viewers' inner The House of Christian Dior and the preparation for the employer's new Artistic Director Raf Simons’ very first haute couture collection.

Recently appointed Raf Simons confronted stress and setbacks as he completely had eight weeks to cutting-edge his first haute couture sequence under the identification of Christian Dior House at the same time as having a record in ready-to-wear menswear. What would he do to accomplish his vision? The most fascinating issue about Dior and I, perhaps, is no longer fully Raf himself, but the core of interest on the human beings at the again of the glamor. The atelier group with its seamstresses and tailors – all of the human beings that make haute couture happen.

Dior and I with its enlightening technique and the core of interest in the people as accurate as Raf’s progressive machine make this documentary a favored watch for admirers of the historical fashion Houses.

a fashionable woman with some text

5. The September Issue

“Fashion is a religion. This is the Bible.”

This time, we comply with Anna Wintour and her Vogue team in their schooling for the September trouble of 2007–the single largest issue of a journal ever published. The nearly-five-pound bother will serve as the bible of the style world for the subsequent 12 months, discovering our trends, what’s in and what’s out.

Featuring Anna herself, Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington, and André Leon Talley, the documentary guides viewers through snippets of fittings, shootings, and conferences between the three Vogue businesses at some factor of their 5 months of exercise before the concern shut day. Opposite the glittering and shocking cowl pages, the revolutionary minds in the lower back of them work tirelessly in less-than-ideal prerequisites while dealing with harsh critiques, setbacks, and discouragement.

In short, The September Issue portrays a casual, lesser-known aspect of fashion, however even though full of chaos, the vicinity of big creativity, talent, and difficult work goes into every and every publication. You would no longer show up at the journal you take maintain of subsequent time the same.

lot of fashionable human

6. Bill Cunningham New York

“We all get dressed for Bill”

New York is Bill Cunningham’s runway, and, as Anna Wintour said, we all robe up for his camera.

The character who commenced the avenue vogue (Nope, now no longer any Instagram fashions or the Kardashians) is a humble man biking around downtown Manhattan with his trustee digital camera inserted on his neck, taking photographs of every snippet of the fashion that human beings put on on the street. Bill is a legendary style photographer that has had two trend columns in the New York Times for forty years with awesome dedication and ardor for his job.

Nothing escapes his eyes. Even at eighty years old, Bill has the quickest eye and cautious hobby in even the smallest add-ons a man or lady wears. Bill is a pleasure to watch, and his ride in Bill Cunningham New York brings warmness to our hearts.

a beautiful woman on vogue magazine

7. Vogue Italia, Italian Vogue Magazine

“Vogue is the best magazine in the world, and we are proud of it”

The style of Vogue Italia has been a staple within the fashion industry for over sixty years. The publication was launched in 1953 by Condé Nast Publications with founder-editor Anna Wintour at the helm. Vogue Italia is known as one among many “must-read” publications that offer up-to-date information on what is happening within the fashion scene, whether or not it be Milan Fashion Week or London Collections Men. They also have an incredible editorial team that brings together designers and artists from all around Italy to create some of their most famous shoots ever! The publication additionally has a great deal of international coverage: they have had covers from Paris, Tokyo, New York City (twice), Mexico City, Hong Kong, and Dubai to name a few! Their photographs are simply breathtaking; every single issue you flip through will make you wish to get dressed up immediately after reading them! If there was an award for having your favorite magazine look like this…I would vote for VOGUE ITALIA!

With Anna Wintour at its helm since day 1 and her dedication towards making sure each issue comes out looking gorgeous as well as being full of amazing content about all things fashion related; this publication will always be my favorite fashion magazine hands down!! I love how she uses her own personal style philosophy called ‘the power suit’ which means dressing business casual but still looking put together while wearing something that fits perfectly

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