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Advance Dress | Pattern Making  Sewing and Fashion School

sewings classes

Discover a New & Easy Step by Step Method of Dress/Pattern Making for any Body Type on the Planet that Fits like a Glove
advanced sewing courses

Sewing & Fashion and want to start a 6 Months program
for women who are serious about starting a Business

This course is designed to build the sewing and fashion student into a seamstress/dressmaker. The student will no longer need to go to a seamstress or an alteration shop. The skills the student will acquire in this course with build her to take on the sewing and fashion world

You're in the right place if:

sewings classes
  • You are a beginner who always wants to make your own clothes

  • Do you want to do alterations on your clothing

  • Do you want to make clothes for your children

  • Do you want to make your own piece of clothing with the help, and advice from a sewing and fashion coach.

  • You want to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment seeing that you achieve a sewing skill

  • Do you already have a machine, and only learned how to do some projects, making a mask, or a blanket for family and want to do more?

  • Do you want to feel accomplished when you conquer this sewing skill that you always wanted to learn since you were a child?

  • Do you always have a deep passion and fulfill this passion you have for sewing and fashion.

  • You want to pursue your secret sewing dream so that you can make your own fashion clothes to start a business

  • Do you want to become a seamstress

  • Do you want to own your own fashion line? Then you are in the Right Place

Students will learn the principle of pattern drafting, using their own body measurements. Students will create a Sewing pattern Block for skirts, Blouse, and sleeves, Student will apply darts and empire style lines, manipulation of darts, flaring techniques, fullness for both skirt and blouse, facings, waistbands, and much more.

What You Will Learn

sewings classes

Module 1 & 2: Skirt Construction Fundamentals

Mastering Straight Skirts, Circle Skirts, and Peplums

  • Video 1: Taking Body Measurement & Understanding Sewing Terms

  • Video 2: How to Take Body Measurement for Straight, Pencil, or A-line Skirt

  • Video 3: The Measurements You Need for a Straight Skirt

  • Bonus Videos: Taking Body Measurement 1 & 2

  • Video 1-5: Introduction, Measurement, and Cutting Fabric for Gather Skirt

  • Video 6-15: Cutting Waistband, Pockets, and Sewing Process for Gather Skirt

  • Video 16-23: Adding Waistband, Gathering Skirt, and Ironing

  • Video 24-28: Attaching Zipper and Sewing Hem for Gather Skirt

Module 3 & 4: Advanced Skirt Designs

Mastering Straight Skirts, Circle Skirts, and Peplums

  • Video 1-6: Calculating, Drafting, and Cutting Straight Skirt

  • Video 7-12: Cutting and Sewing Straight Skirt

  • Video 13: Bonus Video - Stitch in the Ditch

  • Video 1-10: Circle Skirt - Calculating, Drafting, Pinning, and Sewing

  • Video 11-13: Peplum - Calculating, Drafting, and Cutting

sewings classes

Module 5 & 6: Advanced Skirt Techniques &Optional Course

Exploring 6 Piece Skirts and Optional Course on Pleat Skirts

  • Video 1-6: Calculating, Drafting, Cutting, Pinning, and Sewing 6 Piece Skirt

  • Video 1-4: Folding a Box Pleat Skirt and Inverted Pleat Skirt

sewings classes
sewings classes

Module 7 & Bonus Course: Mastering Garment Designs

Blouses, Dresses, Tailor Jackets, and Infinite Fall Jacket

Part 1: Blouse & Dresses​

  • Drafting The Blouse Block:

  • Drafting the Sleeve Sewing Pattern:

  • Preparation before we Sew:

  • Start the Sewing:

  • The Loose Blouse:

Bonus Course: Fashion Dress Making

  • The Lace Gathers Dress (12 Videos)


  • Get 1 Year of access to all our recorded Classes with Customer Service Support

  •  Get all our Downloads Ready to wear 9 Size Sewing pattern FREE

Embark on a transformative journey of creativity and craftsmanship – Enroll today and Unlock the Designer within You!

Empowering Aspiring

A Testimonial Journey through the Advance Online Dress Making/Pattern Making Academy

sewings classes

Rosemarie Yvette Thompson

Thanks to Gellis at Infinite Modesty Design in-studio class. I was both happy and excited to have experienced Gellis 1-1 sewing instructions while completing a few garments for myself. However, covid19 happened and Gellis took her sewing to Online base 

sewings classes

Carlangela Stephenson

"This is an excellent class. Gellis is an excellent teacher who very knowledgeable and patience. I did not know how to sew at the beginning of class after about 16 hours of class I was able to make a gathered skirt, pleated skirt, a bag and decorative pillows."

sewings classes

Hillory - Grant Fam

"I am delighted to be part of the Infinite Modesty Designs Family, where I am learning the art of sewing and realizing one of my dreams, come on over and join us online there is a patient, caring and fabulous instructor awaiting for you"

sewings classes
sewings classes
sewings classes
sewings classes
sewings classes
sewings classes
sewings classes
sewings classes
sewings classes
sewings classes
sewings classes
sewings classes
sewings classes
sewings classes

What my Students say about the Course!

sewings classes

Hello! I'm Gellis

I am a Fashion Designer/Sewing Instructor. I am also a Professional Register Practical Nurse and a strong faith Believer. I am Married with 3 children. And, i am also the owner and Founder of Infinite Modesty Designs Online Sewing School.


I love fashion and sharing my knowledge of sewing and fashion is where my joy light up. I have been in fashion all my life. My grandmother was a seamstress so my love of fashion starts from a very young age.


After migrating to Canada, I went to Seneca College where I continue my fashion journey. In 2018, I open my first sewing and fashion Studio call Infinite Modesty Designs.


My Goal is to teach you the Art of sewing to the point of Perfection where you are able to create your own clothing designs as well as your customer designs

Most Frequent Ask Question

  • Do you need to have a Sewing Machine?
    A: In-person at our Brampton Location, No! we provide the sewing machine,, B: Online Class, you must have a sewing machine to attend all our Online Classes. Sewing Machine: https://amzn.to/48rtAEZ
  • Do I Need to Know how to sew to Attend you Master class?
    No! you do not need to know how to sew we will teach your the basic of sewing in a separate bonus session, after you sign up for the this course
  • Do I need to have a Mannequin to take this class?
    No! A sewing Mannequin is not required, but it is good to have one since you will be sewing at a professional level after completing this master class Mannequin: https://amzn.to/42UrP1I
  • Will I get extra help if i need it?
    Yes, you will get extra help if you don't understand a particular topic,
  • Will I be able to sew on my own after I take this class
    Most of my Online students start as beginners and, after taking our classes, make clothing from scratch to finish. Some of our students are now seamstresses. Yes is the answer to this question.
  • What Require sewing Supplies do I need?
    Scissors - Pattern paper fabric Tape measure Pins French curve Pattern tracing wheel Pencils and sharpener Eraser Fine felt permanent markers - Black, Red, Green, Blue White tracing paper (Soft paper) 8 1/2" x 11" Brown paper Medium weight muslin Sewing interface Weights (Optional)
  • Is there a Community?
    We will have a Wix Group for all our register student in this Course
sewings classes

Unlock Your Fashion Design Potential Today!

Enroll now for just $1800 CAD (originally $3000 CAD) and kickstart your fashion journey today!

Save $1200!

sewings classes
sewings classes
sewings classes

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