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One Skirt & A Blouse: In-person

Sewing machines and basic supplies will be provided

Class Structure:

In this Beginner to intermediate Skirt and Blouse sewing class ( Student will be making 2 skirt and a blouse ). students will be introduced to the domestic sewing machine., correct measuring of the body, preparation of fabric, layouts & cutting procedures, and construction of two Skirts and Blouse garments. Read the front and back of a commercial Sewing Pattern and understanding symbols and sewing terms. Students can buy fabric, zippers and interfacing from our studio or bring your own. Plus $5.00 for 1-yard of the interface Topic Outline Introduction to equipment, machine, irons, etc. Use and care of the sewing machine Threading the bobbin and machine Machine practice Checking the stitch and tension Use of the iron Seam construction Measurements Waistband Fabric requirement choices for the project Hems Pressing techniques Pockets Zippers Skirt construction Blouse Construction Understanding the front and back of the Commercial sewing Pattern Understanding some sewing terms Special techniques used in creating a Blouse Sleeves Facing trims and finishing Hemlines Easing Production of a skirts and a blouse garment Skills taught: How to cut blouse our with a Sewing pattern How to read the front and back of a commercial Sewing Pattern Covers How to read pattern symbols some sewing terms on the sewing pattern Envelope How to properly read your tape measurement How to measure and cut out the waistband How to sew the pocket on the skirt How to Attach neckline facing and apply under stitching to neckline facing. Applying ease to the sleeve and attaching the sleeve. How to sew fabric piece together, How to do an alteration of your garment for proper fit How to baste, hem, sew up seams and more And learning much more sewing techniques. What Infinite Modesty Designs Provide at our studio 1. Sewing Machine 2. Scissor (But if you have your own, you can bring it to class) 3. Tape measurement (But if you have your, own you can bring it to class) 4. Marking pencil (But if you have your own, you can bring it to class) 5. Rulers (But if you have your own, you can bring it to class) 6. Seam Ripper (But if you have your own, you can bring it to class) What Students need to bring to class - (Fabric is required on the first day of class) (2.5 TO 3 yards of Fabric)(Fabric will also be on sale at our studio) - Pens, Pencil, 8 - 10inch Zipper for the Blouse

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