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Beginners Sewing Class Session

(In our Toronto Sewing Studio)

Class Structure:

Beginners Sewing Class Session (In Studio Sewing Class In Toronto) For anyone new to sewing this Beginning Sewing Class-Session 1: is where to start. We recommend weekly attendance to improve your new found skills. When you signup for this class you don't need to bring any tools or materials for your first 4 classes all tools and materials are included in the class Fee. This class introduces you to the Fundamentals of sewing ( Please see outline below) * There is a registration fee of $50 plus the first 4 class tuition of $199.99 is due at registration to secure your class date and time. Duration: 4 Class - 2-hour weekly In our Toronto Sewing Studio ATTENTION: AT CHECKOUT ONLY Select: (Sew-Class-Booking-Only) at Check Out Beginner Session 1: Outline Get to know your Sewing Machine & Equipment/tools (Sewing Machine manual) Know some sewing machine accessories Needles & Pins Needles fabric thread chat What needle to use with what fabric) Hand needle Sewing machine Needles ( Changing the needles) Practice changing the shank, Standard accessories Winding the bobbin Inserting the Bobbin Threading the upper Needle Rising the bobbin Thread Thread Tension Reverse stitch/_Back Stitch Change Sewing Machine Feet Troubleshooting Guide and Tips Work on Mastering your seams Straight Stitch Pivot Stitch Circle Stitch in the ditch French seams Flatfelt seams Topstitch Under stitch Turn and stitch seams Botton Hole stitch Darts and much more Measurement and seams Understanding your tape measurement & working seams Topstitch, Understitch and much much more The importance of ironing Ironing all projects Projects: Choice of 3 -4 Projects below to be completed in the first set of classes Pin holders, Pillow cushion, Fabric Wallet Drawstring bag pack head bad mask, Skills taught: How to run a straight stitch, Pivot stitch, and curve stitch. How to properly read your tape measurement How to measure and cut out fabric for the projects How to sew fabric pieces together, How to do an alteration of your project for proper fit How to baste, hem, sew up seams, and more What Students need to bring to class Class supplies: There’s no need to bring anything to your first class. All supplies are free for the first 4 sets of class On completion When a student completed the First Beginners session, the Student will move to our Monthly Beginners sewing session to s

Upcoming Sessions

  • 2 hours
  • In-Studio
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