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Class Structure:

This package is a Self lifetime Online Learning Beginner Sewing Lesson ( ALL STUDENTS WHO PURCHASE WILL HAVE LIFETIME ACCESS: AND WILL LEARN ON THEIR OWN) Visit this link to view the class: https://www.infinitemodestydesigns.com/beginner-online-self-learning The Module 1 Welcome to 'Introduction to the Sewing Machine'! In this comprehensive course, you'll embark on an exciting journey into the world of sewing machines. From understanding machine anatomy to mastering essential stitches, get ready to unleash your creativity and elevate your sewing skills to new heights The Module 2 Seams Regular Seam​ French Seam Bonus: French seams ​Turn and Stitch Seams ​OVER LOCK STITCH SEAM ​Flat Felt Stitch Seams Machine Stitching Under stitch​ Top Stitch​ Stitch in the Ditch The Module 3 Terms and Anatomy ​Fabric Anatomy 101 ​Needle Anatomy & Threads ​Sewing Symbols and Terms The Module 4 The Sewing Pattern Bonus: Understand Your Sewing Pattern Envelope The Pattern Instruction The Module 5 Sewing Techniques Dart ​Facing and Interfacing ​Heming ​Zippers ​Button and Button Holes ​Hand Sewing: coming soon!! The Module 6 Basic Measurement How to Read your Tape Measurement Taking your waist and hips measurement The Module 7 Skirts Making A Ruffle Skirt ​Making A Plain Elastic Waist The Module 8 Dresses and Capes ​Dress with a Double-sided Cape and waistband Blouse with waterfall sleeves The Module 9 Pants ( Boy's Pants) ​Drafting a Boy's Pants ​Sewing the Pants The Module 10 Fabric Wallet( FREE SEWING PATTERN) Double-sided Tote Bag Making a Double-Sided Gather Tote bag ​Double-sided Laptop Bag Making a Kids Tote Mini Bag. Making a Fabric Wallet with Pockets.​ Zipper Pouch with Pockets ​Making a Zipper Pouch and more The Module 11 African Print Head Wrap ​Making a Fabric Rose Making a hair bonnet without a sewing pattern How to make a Bucket Hat Make a hair bonnet with a Free sewing pattern The Module 12 Pillow Case Cushion With French Seam ( FREE SEWING PATTERN) Bedroom Pillow case cover ( Step by Step pillow Measurement ) The Module 13 Making a Zipper Tote Bag with Pocket ( 2-hour session step by step )

Upcoming Sessions

  • 15 minutes
  • 49.99 Canadian dollars
  • Charolais Boulevard

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